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The 21st century is the era of crossovers. Nobody wants another uninspired installment of a popular franchise. Combining two video game universes into one sounds way more exciting. That’s what the developers of set out to do. Control impostors and crewmembers from Among Us and capture territories as if it was Each player leaves a colored trace behind. Draw an outline, complete it without being interrupted, and take the area for yourself. Break the opponents’ trails to kill them and get the upper hand. Occupy as much space as possible to reach the 1st place on the server.

Best of Both Worlds

This title is a unique mash-up that feels instantly familiar even to newcomers. Those used to this type of gameplay will have a blast. New assets inspired by the viral social game about space invaders work great in this context. This time no one attacks head-on but the battle for survival is just as intense. Considering how easy it is to break an incomplete line, it’s difficult to stay alive. Death may come at any moment, which builds tension constantly. The more a combatant has to lose, the more devastating the defeat. Don’t let that happen. Stay vigilant and paint the whole map in your color.

How to Play

The mechanics are very intuitive and easy to get the hang of. Nevertheless, it can be beneficial to learn the basics before jumping in:

The whole level is divided between the participants into uneven parts. Look at the top right corner to see the current distribution. Those with the highest percentage will occupy the top spots on the scoreboard.

Space aliens may have changed tactics, but remain as ruthless as ever. Which of the challengers will outsmart everyone else and take the prize? will put their reflexes, wits, and strategic thinking to the test. Launch it for free through any modern browser, join a match and emerge victorious!

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